Friday, May 13, 2016

Dissipating Excuses

I am a writer.
Who hasn't been writing.

Not because of a lack of ideas.
I have many.

But because of "reasons."
That were not reasonable.

Oh, sure some were legitimate.
School, family, mental breakdowns.

But that doesn't change illegitimate ones.
Hours on facebook, fake researching, etc.

Task avoidance is my bane under stress.
Even when writing a college paper.

Not taking care of myself is too.
Silencing my creativity.

It hurts my soul.
It makes the stress worse.

I have many underutilized creative outlets.
All of them need a voice.

A hand to do the work.
An eye to see the work.

A mind to interpret and synthesize the work.
To imagine impossibilities.

And make them probable.
In another reality.

In this reality.
Even if just for a moment.

I am a writer.
Who is writing again.

*inspired by Lor Petrichor after reading this post: